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So you want to reuse your mail bag...

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Good News - Last year we ditched the plastic mailbags in favour of fully recyclable paper bags. 


For us, the circular economy is everything we aim for. Circularity eliminates waste and instead reuses everything to create something new. How cool would it be if we never had to use virgin materials again? So, when it came to redeveloping our packaging, it was a no brainer, it had to be something that could be reused again.  


Our bags are made in the UK, so not only are we contributing to the local economy but we're also cutting down our CO2 emissions. The kraft paper is sourced from certified suppliers who grow trees in managed, sustainable forests to ensure the responsible regeneration of forests. They currently plant six trees for every one that is used. This is the kind of data that gets us really excited. 


1. Gift Bag

Got a last minute gift? We've all been there. Just removed postage stickers and replace with a bow and a couple of cute flowers. 



dirty disco vintage mail bag as gift bag  


2. Plant Pot

If you've seen our Studio on instagram, you'll have seen this plant in it's very own Dirty Disco Mail Bag. Just make sure you water it outside of the bag, for obvious reasons. Although, Kraft Paper is designed to be durable, so if your bag gets a little wet, it can handle it.



dirty disco kraft mail bag as plant pot  


3. Shoe Storage

You could store just about anything in these bags. Roll the top down and it'll stay upright. Gabrielle keeps any shoes that come without shoe boxes in hers.



dirty disco kraft mail bag as storage

4. Food Storage

Your kitchen deserves attention too. Roll the top of the bag down a little further make all your tea & coffee goods easy to reach. 


dirty disco kraft mail bag as storage bag 

We've shown you how we use ours, so, that leaves us with only one question.

How do you reuse your Dirty Disco Bag?


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