The Busy Girl's Guide to Sustainability: Caring for Denim

The Busy Girl's Guide to Sustainability: Caring for Denim

From the water and pesticides needed to farm cotton, to toxic chemicals used in dyeing and finishing denim, plus water and energy used in home laundering, denim is one hell of a dirty business.



Being lazy with your laundry is not only good for your clothes but it's good for the environment too. Over washing wastes water, damages the fibres in our clothes and pollutes our waterways with chemicals from detergents.



There's no need to wash your jeans if you've just spilt a little coffee on them. Using a spot of detergent or a sponge for small stains and a toothbrush for bigger stains. 



Once a month to twice a year depending on how filthy you are, you'll want to do the big clean. The less you wash your jeans, the longer they'll last so stick to spot cleaning wherever possible. We think that vinegar is holy grail of clean cleaning - not the kind you use on chips, the distilled white vinegar variety. Turn your jeans inside out. Add a splash of vinegar to a bowl of warm water and leave your jeans to soak for an hour or so. The vinegar will kill the bacteria, lock in the dyes and leave the jeans odourless. If you wash your jeans monthly instead of every two weeks, you’ll save 28 litres of water.



Honestly, the tumble drier just isn't sexy - it's noisy, it's expensive and it wastes a hell of a lot of energy. It also kills your jeans. When brands want to make jeans look worn they toss them around in a drum like a tumble-drier, so unless you want them to become super worn out, super quick. Ditch the tumble drier. Besides, hanging your clothes out to dry looks super chic. 




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