A note on Covid-19

Hey you,

By now we’re all aware of the drastic impact Covid-19 is having on the world. Whilst life is by no means normal, we’re going to try and run Dirty Disco as normally as possible. We’re still working from home where we can and reducing our time spent together in the studio.

Unfortunately, this means we can't shoot our usual Edits or work with models but I hope you still love our new arrivals as much as we do. 

As we have moved out of lockdown in the UK, the risk of small pockets of covid spikes are still affecting the world and shipping, as a result some shipping may be delayed. Please use this link to check shipping updates for your country. 

As always, we'll keep you in the loop and let you know if and when there are any drastic developments. Thank you so much for supporting us so far through all of this - you have been so kind and generous and I couldn't appreciate it more.

If you have any questions, please email us on hello@dirtydisco.co.uk