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Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our aim is to make buying sustainable clothing as easy as possible. So, we hold ourselves accountable so that you can shop without any guilt.

We’re always making improvements to decrease our impact on the planet and as we grow and learn, we want to share it with you.



Vintage is the holy grail of sustainability, it’s 100% recycled. There are already enough garments in the world today to meet the global annual demand so by using vintage, we’re not adding pressure to the planet.


98% of the papers we currently use are recycled. We use a local printers to print our shipping notes, using risograph and vegetable inks.

Our signature kraft bags have been sourced in the UK to cut down on carbon emissions and to also support our local economy. They're not recycled but they are reusable and currently the best option available to us. They’re then hand-stamped by us in our studio.

We are still working towards having 100% plastic free packaging. Unfortunately, we’ve not yet come up with an alternative to the kimble tag used to attach swing tags to garments but this is something we're hoping to find a solution to soon.

Large items such as coats will still be posted in plastic bags. We still have a few hundred plastic mail bags from before we made the change to paper. Once they’ve been used they’ll be replaced with a super sexy sustainable alternative.


Our studio is based in a Mill with other small businesses, this means we have no control over waste management or energy providers. Which is a big deal. On the plus side, we have a recycling system in place in our Studio to minimise our impact on the Earth.

As we grow, we plan to move into our own building where we will be able to take control of our heating, electric, water and waste management of our business. We plan to implement something sustainable and renewable.


We're always trying to find ways to improve the impact we have on the planet, so if you have any suggestions we're open to hearing them. Email us on

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